Friday, February 22, 2008

Pictures from the Northwest Garden Show

Today I went to my first garden show. At first I thought I didn't like it because it was too cheesy. Then I realized I didn't like it because it was too tasteful.



There's something both cheesy and boringly tasteful about seeing all these high-end garden displays set up inside a convention center.




For some reason I just don't like seeing trees displayed as houseplants. I don't know. Something about this whole thing just bugs me.





The plant market section is a little better, though too crowded with jewelry and children's hats and things. Heaths and Heathers came out.


I especially love these fiery ones. They're open on March 1 -- maybe it's worth a drive out to Shelton to go get some of these. (I'm not going to try to carry home flats of plants on the horrible 36 today.)


Sorry to disappoint, but those are all the garden show photos I want to post.

But I will show you how our sedum are filling in at home!



chuck b. said...

Is Shelton really far? I probably won't have time to fit in a visit when I come to Seattle this year. Can you buy me some orange ones? I'll pay you.

chuck b. said...

You don't have to post all the pictures--it's enough that they're in your Flickr.

Your sedum wall looks great!!!

Annie in Austin said...

Came from Chuck's blog to see what's new this year.
I was at the Pacific NW show a few years ago when the theme featured porches and house fronts...everything was fun since I was with my family and we could make fun of the stuff we thought was pompous.

The heathers do look striking, JvA!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

lisa said...

I think your sedum wall looks as good as anything at that show!

Camille said...

The garden show you went to looks waaaay better than the one I attended in Vancouver, BC. Blech. There wasn't even a big fake tree- only fake waterfalls and some dying primulas. Lame-o.